I just spoke with a very reliable source who had first hand used the SL2 for a short amount of time. He confirmed that the leaked photo’s on LeicaRumors are correct.

He also confirmed that the SL2 has an altered Q2 sensor, indeed 47Mp. DNG files are 80Mb, jpegs are around 15Mb. He said: “The details in the images that I took with a couple of SL primes are insane! Definitely medium format territory.”

The SL2 also has built in image stabilization, a very welcome feature. The already brilliant SL viewfinder has gotten better with a higher resolution of 5,7 Mp. The buttons on the back are different than on the SL1, as can be seen in the pictures.

The release date and retail price are not known yet.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures yet.  The picture above is the Leica SL1 obviously.