The three amigos

Shortly after I wrote why you need a Leica 28mm lens for your M, I was asked if I’d want to try out the Leica Summilux-M 28/1.4 and the Leica Summicron-M 28/2.0. Of course I said yes. Stay tuned for some test shots soon on this website.    

10 minutes with the Leica M10

This morning I had a meeting with Leica Netherlands to pick up a few 28mm lenses. But of course I just had to see the brand new M10. You’ve probably read a few reviews, plus 10 minutes of use isn’t nearly enough for the tiniest review on earth, but I thought it’d be nice to […]

Hello Leica M10

We’ve been waiting almost four years for a new M, but yesterday Leica delivered. The M10 is the new rangefinder flagship from our German friends. I haven’t had the chance to try it, but I’ve heard I will be able soon. So far, things look good. The M10 has been put on a strict diet […]

An ‘entry level’ Leica set: price and weight differences

My experience with the Summarit range has been limited to the Leica Summarit 75/2.5. Until recently, because Leica Netherlands was kind enough to let me have a go with the entire Summarit-M range. The Summarit series was completely updated not long ago and though they are regarded as an ‘entry level’ range, there’s actually nothing […]

Testing the Leica X-U

Holy smoke! I’ve never, never, ever taken a Leica into the shower. But today, I did. Not my M, but the brand new Leica X-U. It’s so new, there’s no strap yet and my menu says the firmware is version 1.0. I’ll post a short review next week, but the big test will come later […]

Leica SL try out

This morning I picked up a Leica SL at Transcontinenta – Leica Netherlands – to give it a spin for the next week. First impressions: the SL body is built like a tank, like everyone else says. Also true is what everybody says about the viewfinder: it is amazing. The SL body doesn’t feel really […]