The Billingham Hadley Small review

The Hadley series is one of the most popular photo bags for rangefinder shooters. Almost every Leica shooter seems to own one of these bags in his or her photographic career. And for a reason: the Hadley is one of the most versatile bags you can buy. It is light, stylish, very sturdy, waterproof and […]

Meet the Billies

I have had quite a few photo bags in my life. In my SLR days, I had a number of Lowepro bags and I still have a few of them. When I started shooting weddings, I needed a bag that looked good and I bought a Billingham 335. Back then, Billingham was the only company […]

The Billingham Hadley Digital review

When I bought my Leica M9 in 2010, I bought this little sturdy bag in an impulse. Usually I think before I purchase something, but in this case, I got a 50% discount, because I just bought an M9. Before this moment, I only had big bags for SLR kits, so I thought that I’d […]