The Leica M240 offers something we haven’t seen before: Live view! Although I thought I’d never use this feature when I bought the camera, I have found it to be incredible useful: when used with non-RF coupled lenses. I started my career in photography with a Minolta XD-7, also known as the XD-11. I needed a camera that would work in extreme circumstances: cold, snow, wetness, wind, dust, I encountered it all on my climbing trips. I never sold my Minolta kit when I switched to a DSLR, because the resell value was so low. Now, I’m very thankful for that. As you probably know, Minolta produced some interesting lenses and cameras, sometimes in collaboration with Leica.

One lens that was developed by Minolta is the MC-Rokkor PG 58/1.2. I have the first version with radioactive coatings. It’s true! Of course, there is no radiation anymore after more than fifty years. On of the key features of this lens is its bokeh. They say it resembles the bokeh of the Leica Noctilux 1.0 v4 lens. I can’t say if I agree with that, but the fact is: the lens produces some very nice bokeh. There will be a proper review in the near future, so stay tuned!