Cameratools is selling a demo lens of the Cosina Voigtländer 35/1.2 ASPH II. Since it’s a demo, I suspect there’s still VAT on it, if you have a business where you can deduct. The CV 35/1.2 is a bit heavy, but other a magnificent lens that I have used (and still use) a lot. It’s great on the M, very nice on the SL (ergonomically better than the 35/2 or 35/1.4 by Leica) and IQ is pretty good.

Here’s the link. Be quick. They have only one.

Here’s a couple of images that I shot with it.

3200 ISO, f1.2, 1/125th was just enough to freeze the action on this wedding.
But also in good light, the CV 35/1.2 is worth using. Beautiful rendering here on this wedding.
Another favorite of mine. If I had to show one picture that says everything about how I shoot a wedding, it would be this.
Lovely rendering and one of my favorite shots ever.
The first look: always a crucial moment, often happens in dark and tight spaces. Fortunately, there are mirrors.
With the CV35/1.2, even the M9 is ready for some serious low light photography.

Terrific rendering, almost Nocti-like.
For a studio portrait the CV 35/1.2 wouldn’t be the obvious choice, but it can be done.