While I was uploading another 25 Gigs of a long wedding, I was looking at my M6 and I was -again- surprised with the sheer beauty of the top plate design. It’s so simple, yet so attractive. I placed the M6 on my almost black chair, grabbed the 5D3 of my wife – I could have used the M240 as well of course – , fired up a single speedlite flash and there you go: just mechanics. So beautiful.

I hope you didn’t expect a full review of the M6. Well, I might do that in the future. Here’s an interesting article that I wrote for Steve Huff about the M6. By the way, I have long been tempted to get a personalized MP. I never bought one, because all my commercial work is done with the digital rangefinders. The new M-A sounds tempting as well though. It’s quite incredible Leica is still releasing new film cameras.