Two weeks ago I had a full weekend with two brothers who both love their Leica’s. One of the brothers had participated in one of my workshops before and now they decided to do some serious photography together.

We started in Rotterdam with a thorough portfolio review and then hit the streets for some documentary shooting. The second day was a completely new experience for both R and J: we spent a day in a studio, working with a model. At first, they were a bit hesitant, but when they saw their work on a computer screen, it all changed. They were unstoppable.

Last week I received a mail from R, asking which studio kit he should buy.

Shooting in a studio is a thing not many Leica shooters have experienced, but I can tell you it it tremendous fun and you definitely learn a lot from it.

This is what J had to say about the weekend:

“My brother and I had a 2-day workshop with Joeri recently (Oct 2018) in the Netherlands. We did one day of street photography in Rotterdam and one day of portrait photography with a photo model in a studio. It was the first time I had a workshop with Joeri and I really enjoyed Joeri’s approach. Joeri is very enthusiastic (but relaxed at same time) and very focused on ensuring we got a maximum of new knowledge out of the two days.

I particularly liked his practical advice in street photography such as the use of light (and shadows), focus, composition and the 1/3rd rule – definitely aspects that I will continue to use. I thoroughly enjoyed the portrait photography in the studio. It exceeded my expectations by far in terms of what I learnt from it, particularly in terms of composition of a good portrait, and the results we got out of it. Joeri gave great advice in terms of lighting, positioning of the model v-a-v background and lighting, composition, and editing of pictures.

Overall, the workshop was a great experience; the combination of street photography and studio work was really interesting and fun. And importantly, I have learnt things I can apply going forwards.”

Here are the results: