LaVidaLeica comes with an interesting news flash: they think the new Leica Q will be announced in a few days and will feature a full frame 24Mp sensor with a fixed 28/1.7 lens. While the discussion has started to heat up, I’ve heard many people saying this camera should have a 35mm lens instead. While I’m a big fan of the 35mm focal length, I do appreciate the 28mm. It is a bit more challenging to work with, because framing needs to be done more precisely, but if you get it right, the 28mm focal length is capable of giving the viewer the idea that they are actually there. A fast 28mm, and a 1.7 is fast enough, combined with a full frame sensor AND the ability to focus close up, can still isolate objects from the background. So if this new Q has a good interface (meaning no lag in the live view) it might actually be a good camera.