After my post yesterday where I said I bought the Leica Elmarit-TL 18/2.8 ASPH I got this email from a reader:

Begs the comparison iPhone X. X LCD far superior ; you can actually shoot in daylight from the screen .
Also , auto exposure far superior with the X. Read that 18 on the 18-56 is superior IQ.

So, looking forward to your reviews .

This is my reply:

Well, I don’t have the iPhone X, but one of the reasons I got the T is that I don’t like the camera on my iPhone (SE). Even though IQ may be good, I don’t like the ergonomics. I’m not really interested in auto exposure, nor the best IQ on the world. I’m interested in a camera that fits in a cycling jersey back pocket and can be operated with one hand while cycling 35 km/h…and when I stop for a break and I see something I like, I want my camera to be able to do what I want (expose, focus etc) with the lens that I want.
Technically, the iPhone X may be superior to the Leica T (although I’m quite sure that on base ISO the T, coupled with a good lens, will laugh at what the iPhone does) but technical superiority is a factor that I take into account when I have a paid assignment that requires me to produce 1×2 meter prints. Not when I go out for a ride. But even then, my ancient M8 will produce more pleasing results (and that is a very personal thing) than most modern DSLRs.