I got this mail a few days ago:


I’ve read your reviews on both lenses but I got some questions. I do own the F2.4 50mm Summarit and i am very happy with it. It’s totally usable wide open and really sharp and smooth. Build quality is great, too. But you know the nagging doubts we photo people tend to have: Is the Summicron even better? Does it have more of the Leica look? I do also have the Summicron 35 ASPH and i like the classical look it gives a lot. Is the Summicron 50 usable wide open? The Summicron 35 is good wide open but not great. I usually start using it at F2.4. F2.4 on the Summarit is great. So if the Summicron 50 is the same as the 35 then i would never use it wide open anyway. So would it be worth switching?

Any thoughts on this? Feel free to not answer me if you have no time to answer this or you get such questions every day. I thought i’d give it a try anyway 🙂

Greetings from Germany,


I’m familiar with the nagging doubts, although I must say I’m changing less every year about my own kit. To me, the 50 Cron is still my number one lens. It just ticks all the boxes. It is light, small, focusses perfectly (no tab) and is a true allrounder. For me it is more than sharp enough wide open if you nail the focus. Wide open I love the way it renders. The higher micro contrast of the Cron translates into what I think of as the Leica look.

If I were to go somewhere with just one lens, it would be the 50 cron. Best lens ever.