Rent a Leica M9… for free

Today I came across a very interesting project. Paul Ripke, a German photographer, has been working with a Leica M9 since 2012. He has been documenting his travels with this marvelous camera (I don’t need to tell you, right?), but after he while he thought:”Why not give other the pleasure to work with this camera?” and that’s when his ‘VerLeica’ project started. It’s a funny name: in German, ‘Verleihe’ means ‘renting out’, so you get the joke. Anyway, on the website you can find some photographers that already took part in this project. The idea is simple: if you propose a project that is interesting enough, you can take the M9 package with you and get your project done with the Leica. The site is in German, but I guess Paul also speaks English. All you have to do is send your proposal to

If it doesn’t work you got at least the pleasure to look at the beautiful portfolios of some brilliant photographers…

Good luck!