Tuesday Travel: The happy waiters

They say you find the best waiters in France, but the Cuban waiters aren’t the worst either. Of course they expect you to tip properly, but that’s the least thing you can do for the kind people on this interesting island. Leica M9 with 50 summicron Want to know more about how to use your […]

Tuesday Travel: find the shop owner

A very typical shop in the Kowloon area of HongKong. Loaded with stuff that doesn’t seem to have any relation with neither the shop, nor the other things in the shop. Shot with Leica M9 and 35 summicron. Want to know more about how to use your rangefinder camera on your travels? Check out my […]

Che was here

Cuba is a wonderful country for street photographers. I’d say, Havanna is the most interesting, also because the people that live here have gotten used to photographers. In smaller cities you’ll get stared at quite a lot. Here, in Holguin, you’ll have to use another tactic to get the snapshots you want. In this case, […]