I thought you might be interested in my experiences with the Panasonic 24-105/4 OIS for the L-mount. I didn’t buy it to replace any of my lenses. It serves its purpose on assignments where I don’t want to swap lenses because I don’t have the time to do so, or because the environment is not very swap-friendly. When image quality or the speed of lenses is less important than my speed of working, this lens does exactly what I need it to do.

But not everybody has the collection of lenses that I have and might be interested in buying the 24-105 as only lens, although people that can afford the SL will probably also be able to afford a couple of lenses. I wouldn’t buy the 24-105 as ‘one lens only’. If I could pick just one lens, it would either be a faster zoom, or a fixed 50mm.

While my review of the lens is still in progress, I thought I’d show a couple of shots from a studio setting. All shot at 105mm, wide open. It’s really not too bad. There’s not a lot of separation, but enough to get creative. Wide open it’s sharp enough, though for a paid portrait shoot, I’d stop it down a bit. The OIS is a bonus and the fact that the lens doesn’t stop down until you hit the shutter is a good thing for a mirrorless camera (with M lenses you get less light through the lens when you stop it down, which makes focusing harder. With most AF lenses, it only actuates the aperture when you take the shot. A thing that works on every SLR camera that was produced in the 70s or later).

Anyway, here they are: