Yesterday I found that there’s a website (which I will not link to, since that will even boost their SEO ranking) that offers my ebook for free. Curious what would happen if I clicked that link, I was redirected to, an online platform for ‘free digital media’. I called their customer service, which turned out to be a somewhat strange conversation.

Bottom line: is a scam. They build fake websites with content that is interesting (which I consider to be a compliment) for many people. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have to leave your credit card details and that’s where you get into trouble. For details: just check for at

In the screen dump you can see there have been 624 downloads. This is also fake. If you opt for ‘read online’ it loads 295 pages (my book has 50). Try it again and it loads 249 pages.

I am currently in the process of taking legal action, not only because this is bad for my name, but mainly because people get into trouble.

My ebook is for sale through E-Junkie (English and Russian) and through Blurb (English). I never gave anyone permission to distribute my ebook in any other way. I make a living with photography and selling my ebook is a way to justify the time that I spend on this website.