It has been a long time since Leica organized an event where we didn’t know weeks in advance which new products were to be announced. But for some reason there will be new announcements this week which we don’t know much about. I have to say, it does add up to the excitement.

So what do we know? I’ll skip the limited edition cameras and lenses, plus the point and shoot cameras, but there’ll probably be a brand new camera that will be positioned between the CL and the SL. And that’s very exciting! It seems that Leica is continuing to develop the L-platform, divided into the SL-range and the TL-range. As you know I’ve been using the SL, together with my M, for almost two years now and I’m still very excited about the camera. I also added a second hand Leica T more recently and that camera is surprisingly fun to use and offers a lot of versatility too.

I expect Leica to release the much anticipated Summicron-SL 50 and Summicron-SL 35 too, which will both be very interesting lenses. I hope they’ll be light enough and affordable. If so, Leica has expanded their SL platform to a point where it will be a lot more interesting to DSLR-users than it was two years ago.

There’s probably also news for M-shooters. There might be a new 35 Noctilux and a new 90/1.5 Summilux. Stay tuned this week for more exciting news.