If there is one camera that is capable of telling stories, it is the Leica M. Due to its small format, low weight and inconspicuous design, it has been used by photojournalists since the early days of 35mm photography.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with this camera since 2010 and I have taken my M cameras to many assignments, but also on trips and daily walks around the neighborhood. I can honestly say that this camera has been an extension of my eyes for all these years.

In ‘101 x Leica’ I’d like to show you 101 pictures that I made. Some of which you might have seen, some of it yet unseen. There are some images that I love, but also images that I ‘had’ to shoot while on assignment. The book gives a pretty nice insight in my life as a professional photographer.

With the 101 pictures I’ve included 101 short stories about the background of the picture and my thoughts about the (technical) photographical side, plus info about the camera and lens that were used.

This e-book is designed to be viewed and read on a tablet, but it works just as well on any computer.

You can buy the e-book here.

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