We heard the rumors months ago about this Leica 75/1.25 Noctilux, but now it’s real. I have to be honest: I’m quite excited about this lens. If it’s as good as the 50/0.95, I might be seriously tempted. But before we all get sentimental, let me clarify some things.

I’ve been in the temptation to buy the 75/1.5 Summilux a few times. And when I tested the 80/1.4 Summilux I was tempted again. Why? Well, my wedding work is mostly shot with a 35 and 50mm lens, but my portraits require a slightly longer lens every now and then. The 75/2.5 is good, but has a very short focus throw and it’s too sharp. The 75 Summicron is better, but the throw is again too short. For portraits I prefer a slightly softer rendering lens, with the ability to stop it down for maximum sharpness when needed. The 75/1.25 might tick all these boxes.

Though I haven’t seen nor used the lens yet, I suspect it will be front heavy on the M. Also, it will be hard to focus with just the rangefinder. I think it might work much better on the SL. M10 users will find that using the EVF makes focusing in close up, wide open situations, is much easier.

Good news!