Tomorrow one of my old climbing buddies is having a birthday party. We met only recently again, after having not seen each other for years. We don’t climb anymore, but now we tie our ice skates every week and that’s pretty cold as well.

I asked him what he’d like to have for his birthday and he replied: some old pictures you never gave me. This evening I plugged in an old hard drives, looking for the shots. I found a few and I remembered taking all the shots. It’s funny how I managed to shoot an entire climbing report for a magazine on just two or three rolls of film and most of the shots were usable. Nowadays, with digital, we shoot hundreds of frames per day and they’re not necessarily better.

I took this shot with my Minolta XD7, family of the Leica R4. I remember setting the shutter button to 1 second and bracing the camera on my monopod/walking stick. I used Fuji Sensia 100 slide film and a friend of mine scanned the slide years ago.

I’ll never forget these moments. Oh, and happy birthday Toine…