You might know that Holland is famous for its flowers and to be more specific: tulips. Although this flower was imported from Turkey a long time ago, we have made the production of new tulips in to an art. A few days ago, I visited the region where the breeding of tulips is concentrated, quite close to Amsterdam. It turned out that I was there at just the right time: the colors were just amazing and there were so many.

I had brought my M9-P with a 35 cron and a 75 summarit and I searched for a spot where I could show some of the environment and create an interesting scene. Suddenly I found this wonderful lone tree and waited for a few cyclists to enter the frame. And voila: Holland at its best. Amazing colors in the background, people riding their bikes on a sunday afternoon and the tree to get some contrast and vertical lines in the composition.

The 75 Summarit is a lens with two faces: it is bitingly sharp, very light and compact, but the sharpness can be too much with portraits and the focus throw is so short that it needs to be focussed very precisely. If you get it right, it’s great, but if you miss, you’re way off.