Leica Workshops

Joeri teaches how to get better results with your rangefinder camera. There are workshops for individuals and for groups. Find one that suit your needs…

Here’s an interesting review for a participant’s point of view.

Wedding photographer Gert Huygaerts:

To get more and better results with my M-system I took a class with Joeri van der Kloet. During the course of an afternoon he gave me several tips and tricks to improve both speed and accuracy in focussing. A big step ahead! I think the best way to improve your skills is to listen to someone who has hands-on experience with a product. It just works the best. Thanks for the inspiration Joeri!

Photographer Mark Dorlas:

Very insightful!

Photographer Niels G:

This was quite useful and I’m sure the workshop will boost my photography…

Photographer Alexander Smarius:

Joeri puts you at ease by entertaining you as his guest and quickly establishes your needs as a Leica M photographer. After a very pleasant day together, I felt Joeri had shown me the way to make significant progress in working my Leica M. I warmly recommend his workshops.


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