Hi Joeri

I hope that this email finds you well. I regularly read your website and love the pics you took with your Lux 24 and I am myself considering one.

Since I know that you also wrote a very positive review of the 28 Lux, I was wondering if you saw major differences and ended up with the 24 because you had a preference for it vs the 28 or it just so happened that you had a good opportunity to get one.

Thank you in advance!


Thanks! To be honest, I was offered a nice deal on a used 24/1.4 and not on a 28/1.4. But now that I own the 24, I really do love it. Funny enough, in my review of the 28 Lux I stated that I’d much rather have the 28/1.4 than the 24 or 21 lux, because of the lower weight and smaller size. If I’d get a good deal on a 28, I’d buy it.

But the 24 is actually a very nice focal length for my work. For weddings, it isn’t too wide to distort the image too much, while I can get a lot of things in the background. For travel and street work, I’d much rather use a 28, which I also have: the little and excellent Elmarit. I think a 28mm is a much more all round lens than a 24.

If you can buy them both, just do it, if you can have ‘only’ one and travel, street and all round work is your thing, get the 28.

Man, you can even shoot portraits with a 28, like Martin Krystynek does so wonderfully. Those beautiful shots were taken with the Q.

By the way: the Leica Store in Amsterdam has a good deal on a used one. It’s without VAT however (which makes it less interesting for me). Here it is.