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  • The Leica X-U full review

    The Leica X-U full review

    We just got back from an epic trip through Norway and Sweden. We spent five months hiking and canoeing in some of the most beautiful areas in Scandinavia. Whereas the Leica M is a light weight and compact camera, it is not waterproof, so we were quite happy when Leica decided to lend us the […]

  • See what you can do with the Leica X-U

    See what you can do with the Leica X-U

    The Leica X-U is a great camera for everybody that is into outdoor sports. For canoeing, it’s even better. The X-U is the only camera with a big sensor that can be used while wearing it on the strap in your canoe. In this movie you can see it in action at 3:50. But of […]

  • Testing the Leica X-U

    Testing the Leica X-U

    Holy smoke! I’ve never, never, ever taken a Leica into the shower. But today, I did. Not my M, but the brand new Leica X-U. It’s so new, there’s no strap yet and my menu says the firmware is version 1.0. I’ll post a short review next week, but the big test will come later […]