If you’re only slightly adventurous and take your precious Leica camera for an occasional spin on the water, this post might be of interest to you.

I’ve been on the water quite a few times and although I enjoyed these trips a lot, I didn’t take much pictures. Why? Simple, because I had to pack my camera bag into a dry bag with a roll top closure. Unpacking and repacking the camera took literally minutes, so you can imagine what happened.

Because I will spend a lot of time on the water next year (more about that later), I definitely wanted a waterproof camera bag. And I found one. I even found two! Ortlieb has been a the number one manufacturer of waterproof bags for outdoor enthusiasts. Recently, they introduced a product line with YKK AQUASEAL waterproof zippers. These bags are submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Far more than I want my cameras to put through. The good thing is: these bags are just as accessible ¬†as regular camera bags with a zipper. I’ve tested them yesterday very quickly, but a more in depth review will follow!