The friendly people at Billingham sent me their Billingham SL2 bag. It’s a bag that is designed for the SL2 – and SL – specifically and it is only available at official Leica stores.

Until now, I always brought my SL in either a Billingham 225, a Hadley small, or a huge Think Tank trolley. While the SL fits all these bags, you can tell the Hadley and 225 are designed for rangefinder type bodies. The SL, coupled with a big zoom lens, like the 24-90, or my Panasonic 24-105 never really fit. The Billingham SL2 is designed to fit the SL with a 24-90 attached.

More on how they do this, but for now I can say: this bag rocks!*

*even though I prefer jazz, as you can see in the background…