The Billingham 72 review

Billingham has always been a brand that is being loved by Leica photographers and other rangefinder shooters. Since the M6 days however, the world of photography has changed dramatically. Traditionally, there were either big (D)SLRs or small rangefinders. Today, we still have DSLRs and rangefinders, but also a whole new range of mirrorless cameras, like […]

The Billingham 107 review

The 7-series is one of the newer series of the famous British bag manufacturer and the 107 is the smallest version. If you’re into Leica photography, this is probably the bag that will attract your attention. The individual members of the 7-series have a few things in common: they’re all made out of Fybrenite (meaning […]

The Billingham 1.4 review

The F-stop series are not the most well known Billingham bags. Maybe because the Hadley has been around for a much longer time, or maybe because we haven’t looked yet at the bags properly. After having used the bag for a few weeks, I can say they deserve to be among the Hadley and other […]

The Billingham Hadley Small review

The Hadley series is one of the most popular photo bags for rangefinder shooters. Almost every Leica shooter seems to own one of these bags in his or her photographic career. And for a reason: the Hadley is one of the most versatile bags you can buy. It is light, stylish, very sturdy, waterproof and […]