The Leica X-U full review

We just got back from an epic trip through Norway and Sweden. We spent five months hiking and canoeing in some of the most beautiful areas in Scandinavia. Whereas the Leica M is a light weight and compact camera, it is not waterproof, so we were quite happy when Leica decided to lend us the […]

A short Leica X-U review

When the Leica X-U was announced, one of the things that was said repeatedly on all the gear forums was ‘they won’t sell many of those’. After one week of playing with the Leica X-U I can state this is probably the best camera you can buy for serious outdoor activities. Not just for underwater […]

8 Reasons why you should buy a Leica M8

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s slightly less than 10 years ago that Leica produced their first digital rangefinder camera. By the time the M8 hit the shelves, many professional Leica users already made the switch to Canon or Nikon, just because their clients demanded digital files. So Leica was late. Very late. […]

How to buy a used Leica M8

I’ve been getting some emails from readers asking me what to look for when buying a used Leica M8. Well, here’s a checklist. All ‘normal’ things you’d check when buying any camera. That means checking all the buttons (also the wheel: mine doesn’t work perfectly), any visible damage to the camera, the viewfinder (filth or […]