We all know that the L-mount is no longer exclusively used by Leica anymore. They teamed up a few months ago with Sigma and Panasonic to create more lenses and cameras on the L-mount platform. And it now seems that the collaboration is already paying off. One of the biggest complaints about the L-mount platform is that the availability of native lenses is limited. And some of the native lenses are also hard to get.

Panasonic is serious about this new collaboration and recently presented three new L-mount lenses: a 50/1.4, a 24-105/4 and a 70-200/4. And the good news: they will be available within 8 weeks. The 50mm will cost 2499 euros , the 24-105 will be 1399 euros and the 70-200 will be 1899 euros. I think these are interesting prices for Leica shooters that use their SL with M lenses, but sometimes want a lens with auto focus.

Another interesting feature is that the 50mm lens, unlike the Leica SL native lenses, has an aperture ring on the lens. The other two zooms don’t have this feature. The zooms are equipped with built in image stabilization, whereas the 50 is not.

All three lenses are available for pre-order. Exciting times!