The season has started early. Usually I shoot my fist wedding in April, or the last days of March. This time it was early February. After having spent enough time with my Noctilux in the streets, it’s time to take it out to the wedding field. Without looking at the lens specs in Lightroom, my selection turned out to contain 15% Noctilux shots. That’s more than I planned and anticipated, but I guess that is good news.

Because the Nocti is not a lens that is easily switched on and off a camera, I decided to change my approach for this year. On my M240, I use a 35 and 50 cron. On my M9-P, I use the Noctilux. If I like this two camera style, I might get another M240. Or I might wait for the new M, which I expect to be released this year.

Leica M9-P with 50/0.95

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