Nothing beats a light, compact and relatively inexpensive camera. With the Leica M8 I don’t even look at the weather forecast before I go outside. And I don’t bring a big either. If it starts raining, I’ll just stuff it in the pocket of my coat. I wouldn’t do that with my M9 or M240, simply because they’re far more valuable to me. So when my furry friend Rinus the Ridgeback starts a staring contest with me, I can take a picture of him with my camera, instead of my iPhone.

Speaking of coats: find one that can hold your camera, so you have no excuse at all not to bring one. I find the Fjällraven Greenland Winter Parka to be an excellent jacket for staying dry, warm and ready to shoot in a moderate European winter. If you like this jacket, you can also get the regular summer jacket. Don’t wear it to a wedding though…unless it’s in Sweden.

Leica M8 with Voigtländer 21/4.

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