As you’ve noticed, you can’t leave replies on this website. And for a reason, because I have no time for moderation. Besides, there are plenty other websites where you can engage in lively discussions. However, I do get quite a lot of emails with all kinds of questions. From now on, I’ll answer these questions in my Q&A.

Hi Joeri. I just read your post about getting an m8 again and how you regretted selling your first one. Why did you regret selling it and what did you miss about it?

Well, good question, since going back to the M8 seems like an odd decision. Let me clarify though: I’m not really going back to the M8. I just bought it to use besides the M240 and M9. For assignments with potential bad light, the M240 is my camera to go.

But to answer the question: my first M8 felt even more intuitive and film-like than my M9 did. Maybe because of the battery and frame indicator, or maybe because it’s just a little harder to change ISO. I don’t know. I did – and still do – ┬ámiss the 1/8000 th on the M9 and M240. What I missed most about that camera was the way I allowed myself to ‘live’ with it. I bought my M9, M9-P and M240 brand new and although my business is solid, I have to rely on those cameras and therefore I’m cautious with them. Dropping them on the floor means a trip to Solms and losing time. With the M8, which I bought for 1750 Euros in 2011, I allowed myself to play with it a lot more. I could do my shoots without it and still deliver top notch work.

Second, for my workshops, I give participants the opportunity to try a Leica for half a day. I use my M9-P for that, but quite often we talk about buying a Leica. Sometimes money is not an issue, but sometimes it is and then I’ll advice my participants to check the M8 out. Now they can try all digital M cameras here at my place.

The M8 has the potential to become a true cult camera. While prices are now around 1000 Euros, I don’t think they will drop much. Prices might even increase now that people are holding on to their M8s.

We’ll talk much more about the M8 in the future. Stay tuned!

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