It took me a long time to figure out which gear I’d bring on my six months adventure through Scandinavia. Most of the time we’d be paddling. And shooting from a canoe is a hard thing to do. Not because it’s a technical challenge, but moreover because the position you can take as a photographer is limited to one. I just sit. That’s it. In order to be able to show something of the environment, I wanted a wide lens. Having tested the CV 15/4.5 v1, I decided to get the latest version of this interesting lens. And man, it is good. It doesn’t suffer from any discoloration, no vignetting and the only distortion I see is very normal for a 15mm lens.

It has grown a bit since the previous versions, but it’s still very small and lightweight. The lens comes with a fixed hood which works very well in preventing ghost and flare. Sharpness wise: you couldn’t wish for more.

Without spoiling too much for the review I’m planning, I’d just share a few pics that I took with the Leica M240 and this lens. Stay tuned!

L1000142 L1000193 L1000361 L1000365 L1000375