I’ve shot most of my weddings with the Leica M240 and it never let me down. After having used the M9 for a number of years, the M240 was a real upgrade from a professional point of view. Even though it lacked that superb CCD-sensor of the M9, it had more than enough pro’s as opposed to cons.

When the M10 was announced, it was traveling for half a year and when I got back, the list of people waiting for the M10 was half a year, so I decided to get the SL in between. I stayed in that ‘in between’ stage, because it turned out that I rather like the SL, in combination with the M. The M240 was still good enough enough for me, so I decided to skip the M10 altogether.

After my half year long trip I set a maximum of ten weddings per year, because I discovered I prefer time to money. I still stick to that and ten weddings is enough for me, when added to my other assignments.

The new to be released Leica M-E type 240 perfectly fits my philosophy. Why would you work harder to get something you don’t really need and which you don’t have time for? Good is good enough. And six years later, good is still good (the M240 is six years old my friends).  For less than 4000 euros you can get a brand new Leica with full warranty which still works perfectly fine for me (with the right lenses, I have to say that).

With the money you save compared to the M10 you can get two excellent lenses and complete your kit. To be honest, if my M240 fails, I might be tempted to get one.

Good news!