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  • Featured #15: Janko Bosch

    Featured #15: Janko Bosch

    I noticed the work of Janko Bosch in the LFI gallery and dropped him a note. His studio work is quite interesting: it’s a bit provocative and the mua (make up artist) that he seems to work with takes his or her job quite seriously. Well, just check it out for yourself. Also, don’t do […]

  • Featured #11: Anastasia Potekhina

    Featured #11: Anastasia Potekhina

    I came across the dreamy self portraits of Anastasia Potekhina in the LFI gallery and dropped her a message if she’d be interested to be featured here. She was. Here you go. Have you got an interesting story to share? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you. 1) Can you tell a […]

  • Q&A: how did you do it?

    Q&A: how did you do it?

    I received this very kind email last week: Hello Joeri, I’ve been shooting for years and years my leica m6, exclusively bw film.   For all my color work, i’m now adding the m240 to my gear and while reading articles about how my fellow photographers are using the M System specifically for portraiture work, I stumbled upon your work […]

  • A new affordable Leica M

    A new affordable Leica M

    I’ve shot most of my weddings with the Leica M240 and it never let me down. After having used the M9 for a number of years, the M240 was a real upgrade from a professional point of view. Even though it lacked that superb CCD-sensor of the M9, it had more than enough pro’s as […]

  • The Leica M and playing children: a great combination

    The Leica M and playing children: a great combination

    This summer I was invited by my friend Susannah for the third time to take some shots of the children playing in her child nursery. Because the nursery is quite small it is impossible to ‘not get noticed’, especially with small, curious children. Blending in is the only way to get the shots that I […]

  • Featured #1: Leica M240 shooter Marian van den Berg

    Featured #1: Leica M240 shooter Marian van den Berg

    In this new series I’d like to give someone else the opportunity to talk about Leica photography. Interested? Send me an email. 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer)? ‘It took some time befor I ‘saw the Light’, and I mean the light we use in photography. But when I […]

  • Continuous light

    Continuous light

    I had the chance to play with a Hedler LED continuous light set. It’s funny what you can do with these things and I like the ‘what you see is what you get’ thing. I might elaborate a bit more on this. Leica M240 with 50/0.95 Noctilux and Hedler Profilux LED 1000X

  • Why the Voigtländer 15/4.5 V3 is such a great lens

    Why the Voigtländer 15/4.5 V3 is such a great lens

    It took me a long time to figure out which gear I’d bring on my six months adventure through Scandinavia. Most of the time we’d be paddling. And shooting from a canoe is a hard thing to do. Not because it’s a technical challenge, but moreover because the position you can take as a photographer […]

  • Time for a change

    Time for a change

    I’ve worked a lot the last few years. I’ve covered many weddings and other events. And I’m happy to see an increase in the number of workshops that I give. I love my work, absolutely, but one year ago I started planning for something else… The next sixt months my wife Anita and I will […]

  • Reflections


    Winter is a relatively quiet time for me. It’s also the time that I’m working on my hand made albums. Making an album means re-editing the pictures for optimal performance in the printing process, but during the editing I also get the chance to reflect on a year that has gone by. While I like […]