I’ve worked a lot the last few years. I’ve covered many weddings and other events. And I’m happy to see an increase in the number of workshops that I give. I love my work, absolutely, but one year ago I started planning for something else…

The next sixt months my wife Anita and I will canoe and hike at least 2016 km through Norway, Sweden and Finland. We’ll sleep in a tent, drink water from lakes, paddle for hours, cross rivers and lakes, climb mountains and hills. Why? I started my career as a photographer and writer in the Alps and in Scandinavia. I missed a lot of summer trips the last few years because of the weddings and now it’s time to get back in pace with nature.

We’re not just in this for ourselves. We’re raising money for WWFs ‘Saving the Arctic’ project and I hope you’ll join us in supporting this good cause. You’ll find more information on our website.

I’ll keep posting lots of Leica stuff on this site, just like you’re used to. Leica Netherlands was kind enough to give me the Leica X-U for an extended test drive and I can already tell you that I absolutely adore this camera. I brought a few lenses that I haven’t reviewed yet and I might do this in between trips. In the meantime, you’ll find more than enough pictures. No weddings this time, but unspoiled nature and snapshots of the adventures that we’re so happy to enjoy.