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  • The Leica M and playing children: a great combination

    The Leica M and playing children: a great combination

    This summer I was invited by my friend Susannah for the third time to take some shots of the children playing in her child nursery. Because the nursery is quite small it is impossible to ‘not get noticed’, especially with small, curious children. Blending in is the only way to get the shots that I […]

  • Tuesday Travel: Jesus and the sun

    Tuesday Travel: Jesus and the sun

    Some time ago I was in Buenos Aires and one of the places you have to see is the Recoleta cemetery. It’s too bad that a lot of graves are falling apart, due to economical misery, but it’s till a marvelous place to visit. I noticed this statue of Jesus and it was like he […]

  • Tuesday Travel: Umbrellas in a boat

    Tuesday Travel: Umbrellas in a boat

    It was a strange day. They say in Patagonia there can be four seasons in one day. Well, in Gent, Belgium, that seemed to be the case as well. As we took shelter for the rain, I suddenly saw this boat full of umbrellas going down the canal. And when I walked towards it, the […]

  • Tuesday Travel: Imagine

    Tuesday Travel: Imagine

    John Lennon Wall in Prague. A terrific place with music, fans and tourists. Bring a camera when you go there. For instance a Leica M9 with a 50 cron (though the exif tells you it’s a 21mm) Want to know more about how to use your rangefinder camera on your travels? Check out my Leica workshops or […]

  • Leica Workshop and the quest for a camera

    Leica Workshop and the quest for a camera

    I’m not sure if I have to be proud of it, but so far most of my workshop clients that didn’t have an M when attending my workshop, bought one shortly after the workshop. I guess I infected my clients with a virus that will make their lives considerably more expensive. Luckily, buying a digital […]

  • Backlit


    It’s funny how the lack of light can make us more creative. Sometimes I hear people complaining about these dark days in december (for the readers on the northern part of the globe). They tell me it’s useless to go outside and take pictures. For me, working with concentrated light from windows, it makes me […]

  • Delft by night

    Delft by night

    The Noctilux is slowly growing on me. For assignments where I have time to ‘play around’, I bring the Nocti and take some shots with it, after I know I got my shots with the lenses I always work with. And of course when I go out I try to bring it as often as […]

  • Quicker than AF

    Quicker than AF

    Sometimes people ask how on earth I focus my camera with moving subjects. Well, I have trained a lot to get there, but in some situations you don’t need any training at all and will still be faster than the quickest AF-camera in the world. This image was shot on Cuba, while I was having […]

  • Welcome to the family

    Welcome to the family

    It wasn’t an easy decision. Although my business is doing very good, I’ve never spent this amount of money on a single lens. In fact, the Noctilux always made my summicrons look affordable and I often laughed at the price of the nocti. Yet, I also loved the very specific rendering of this lens and […]

  • The old man and the hat

    The old man and the hat

    Last week I’ve been shooting in Prague, which gave me the chance to test two of the new Billingham bags I received to review. I liked the L2 and 1.4 both quite a bit and I already can say I prefer the L2 over my own Hadley small. Anyway: Prague has a decent metro system […]