The Noctilux is slowly growing on me. For assignments where I have time to ‘play around’, I bring the Nocti and take some shots with it, after I know I got my shots with the lenses I always work with. And of course when I go out I try to bring it as often as I can, just to get a feel for the focus, its character and its usability in the field. Man, it is a heavy piece of equipment. I knew it, but every time I pick it up, it just feels incredibly heavy. A grip and thumbs-up is definitely recommended.

Anyway, friday night I went for dinner to Delft, a lovely, very old city near my place. The city is ready for christmas with many small lights on the canals. While we walked to our restaurant, I saw this bike under a street light and I liked the scene. I snapped a quick shot with my M9-P on ISO 800 at 1/60th wide open. The Nocti is so fast that my M9 has regained some shooting time over the M240 again and with the M9, I can’t ‘cheat’ with live view. It’s way too early for a decent review, but so far, I’m enjoying the ride.