Wednesday Wedding Pic: the first look

Although I shoot digital almost exclusively these days, sometimes I’m asked to shoot on film. For me, the biggest difference is the planning I’ll have to think about. Which film do I load in which camera and when do I change film? Focussing and exposure are similar to my digital workflow, except the exposure should […]

Wednesday wedding pic: make-up and champagne

This is an old one. Maybe four years ago, but I still like this scene. The bride having a glass of champagne while getting ready for the ceremony. And you know what? I took this one with my good old M8. Now you can see why some people call the M8 the ‘poor man’s Monochrom’. […]

Wednesday Wedding pic: The beach

Now this is a shot that says something about the way I work. Imagine a very, very hot day. The beaches are crowded and everybody is sunbathing, half naked. And this is the day you’re getting married. Yes, in a suit, made out of wool. The traditional wedding photographer would have shot this scene facing […]

Leica Noctilux on first wedding of the year

The season has started early. Usually I shoot my fist wedding in April, or the last days of March. This time it was early February. After having spent enough time with my Noctilux in the streets, it’s time to take it out to the wedding field. Without looking at the lens specs in Lightroom, my […]

The Leica 75 Summicron review

After having shot a couple of years with the Leica 75 2.5 Summarit I came across a mint 75 Summicron for a good price. I always wanted the 75 Cron, but never bought it, because I was more or less satisfied with my Summarit. I didn’t think too long and traded the ‘old’ 75 for […]


It’s funny how the lack of light can make us more creative. Sometimes I hear people complaining about these dark days in december (for the readers on the northern part of the globe). They tell me it’s useless to go outside and take pictures. For me, working with concentrated light from windows, it makes me […]

Quicker than AF

Sometimes people ask how on earth I focus my camera with moving subjects. Well, I have trained a lot to get there, but in some situations you don’t need any training at all and will still be faster than the quickest AF-camera in the world. This image was shot on Cuba, while I was having […]

Welcome to the family

It wasn’t an easy decision. Although my business is doing very good, I’ve never spent this amount of money on a single lens. In fact, the Noctilux always made my summicrons look affordable and I often laughed at the price of the nocti. Yet, I also loved the very specific rendering of this lens and […]