Q&A: how do you shoot weddings?

A few weeks ago I received an email from Zak, a wedding photographer in the USA. Hi Joeri, My name is Zak and I’m a wedding photographer in the United States. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful resources you’ve provided to the Leica community (and photo community in general)…(..)  I’m curious if you’d […]

Wednesday wedding pic: make-up and champagne

This is an old one. Maybe four years ago, but I still like this scene. The bride having a glass of champagne while getting ready for the ceremony. And you know what? I took this one with my good old M8. Now you can see why some people call the M8 the ‘poor man’s Monochrom’. […]

Wednesday Wedding pic: The beach

Now this is a shot that says something about the way I work. Imagine a very, very hot day. The beaches are crowded and everybody is sunbathing, half naked. And this is the day you’re getting married. Yes, in a suit, made out of wool. The traditional wedding photographer would have shot this scene facing […]

Leica Noctilux on first wedding of the year

The season has started early. Usually I shoot my fist wedding in April, or the last days of March. This time it was early February. After having spent enough time with my Noctilux in the streets, it’s time to take it out to the wedding field. Without looking at the lens specs in Lightroom, my […]

Meet the Billies

I have had quite a few photo bags in my life. In my SLR days, I had a number of Lowepro bags and I still have a few of them. When I started shooting weddings, I needed a bag that looked good and I bought a Billingham 335. Back then, Billingham was the only company […]

New 35 summicron?

the 35 cron is about all you need when you need a fast, lightweight and small lens… Yes, I know. It’s still a rumor, but it might be true. They say that this Photokina, Leica will present a new 35 summicron. The current version, the first aspherical 35 summicron has been in production since 1996. […]