More Billies arrive

Billingham is on fire lately. With the increase in mirrorless camera systems Billingham has released a couple of new photo bags. I was happy to receive three new bags to give them a spin: the Hadley Large Pro, the Hadley Small Pro and the 72. The Hadley Large Pro may not be the most interesting […]

The old man and the hat

Last week I’ve been shooting in Prague, which gave me the chance to test two of the new Billingham bags I received to review. I liked the L2 and 1.4 both quite a bit and I already can say I prefer the L2 over my own Hadley small. Anyway: Prague has a decent metro system […]

More Billies!

Today I received three new Billingham bags for a review. The Dutch distributor Degreef&Partner liked my idea of reviewing the most popular Billingham bags so much, they decided to just send me a few. I’ll be busy in the few weeks. I already can tell you: that L2 is a pretty sweet bag. Very well […]