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  • The Leica 75 Summicron review

    The Leica 75 Summicron review

    After having shot a couple of years with the Leica 75 2.5 Summarit I came across a mint 75 Summicron for a good price. I always wanted the 75 Cron, but never bought it, because I was more or less satisfied with my Summarit. I didn’t think too long and traded the ‘old’ 75 for […]

  • Quicker than AF

    Quicker than AF

    Sometimes people ask how on earth I focus my camera with moving subjects. Well, I have trained a lot to get there, but in some situations you don’t need any training at all and will still be faster than the quickest AF-camera in the world. This image was shot on Cuba, while I was having […]

  • Welcome to the family

    Welcome to the family

    It wasn’t an easy decision. Although my business is doing very good, I’ve never spent this amount of money on a single lens. In fact, the Noctilux always made my summicrons look affordable and I often laughed at the price of the nocti. Yet, I also loved the very specific rendering of this lens and […]

  • The old man and the hat

    The old man and the hat

    Last week I’ve been shooting in Prague, which gave me the chance to test two of the new Billingham bags I received to review. I liked the L2 and 1.4 both quite a bit and I already can say I prefer the L2 over my own Hadley small. Anyway: Prague has a decent metro system […]

  • Leica Masterclass in the Hague

    Leica Masterclass in the Hague

    Tuesday I had two visitors for my Leica Masterclass workshop and we had a terrific day. We started with the basic principles of focussing a rangefinder camera and I showed a few simple rules and tricks to make this easier, faster and more accurate. We headed into the city to shoot in the streets. My […]

  • Beauty and the 0.95 beast

    Beauty and the 0.95 beast

    Yes, the Leica Noctilux 0.95 ASPH is a beast. And with the same price tag as a brand new small car, or a second hand nice car, it doesn’t come cheap. Yet I’m in the process of buying one, because I think it will work for my documentary wedding photography and my other photographic assignments. It […]

  • That good old Leica M8

    That good old Leica M8

    Unlike most Leica shooters, I didn’t own a M5, M6 and M7 before I moved to the M8. No, I had a M9 and out of curiosity – and because I wanted a second body – I bought a second hand M8. In chrome. It was unbelievably pretty, even prettier than my black M9. It […]

  • A 35 Noctilux?

    A 35 Noctilux?

    The end of my wedding season is near and I’m happy to have more time on my hands in the next few months. One of the thing I will do is update this website more regularly. While I was editing one of my weddings, I was struck -again- by the sheer beauty the M240 delivers […]

  • The documentary photographer podcast by Roger Overall

    The documentary photographer podcast by Roger Overall

    Today I came across an interview with me that is part of a very interesting series of interviews, done by Roger Overall. It’s two years old by now, it’s a bit lengthy and my English couldn’t be worse that day, but it’s still interesting enough. If you’re interested in how I use my Leica in […]

  • Meet the Billies

    Meet the Billies

    I have had quite a few photo bags in my life. In my SLR days, I had a number of Lowepro bags and I still have a few of them. When I started shooting weddings, I needed a bag that looked good and I bought a Billingham 335. Back then, Billingham was the only company […]