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  • Quicker than AF

    Quicker than AF

    Sometimes people ask how on earth I focus my camera with moving subjects. Well, I have trained a lot to get there, but in some situations you don’t need any training at all and will still be faster than the quickest AF-camera in the world. This image was shot on Cuba, while I was having […]

  • A nice Leica workshop in Delft

    A nice Leica workshop in Delft

    Today was a pretty good day. Vincent came over for a Leica Introduction workshop and we had a good time. First we had a good look at the M9 and it’s lenses and menu. After that, we took a train to Delft (one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands) and went for a walk […]

  • That good old Leica M8

    That good old Leica M8

    Unlike most Leica shooters, I didn’t own a M5, M6 and M7 before I moved to the M8. No, I had a M9 and out of curiosity – and because I wanted a second body – I bought a second hand M8. In chrome. It was unbelievably pretty, even prettier than my black M9. It […]

  • A 35 Noctilux?

    A 35 Noctilux?

    The end of my wedding season is near and I’m happy to have more time on my hands in the next few months. One of the thing I will do is update this website more regularly. While I was editing one of my weddings, I was struck -again- by the sheer beauty the M240 delivers […]

  • Work your Leica M – English

    Work your Leica M – English

    Want to learn to focus faster and more accurately? The Leica M rangefinder camera can be regarded as a legend in the field of photography. Using it in real life can be a challenge however. Focussing is done all manually and many people lack the speed to keep up with things. You can buy the […]