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  • Featured #13: Sarah Ascough

    Featured #13: Sarah Ascough

    While checking out the work of Jeff Ascough, I noticed that his wife Sarah is a photographer too. Even better, she was chosen by Leica to be part of ‘The world deserves witnesses’ program. 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer) I came into photography quite late compared to a […]

  • Featured #12: Jeff Ascough

    Featured #12: Jeff Ascough

    This featured article is special to me, because today we have Jeff Ascough from the UK. When I started in wedding photography, roughly twenty years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as documentary wedding photography, at least not here in The Netherlands. I knew how I wanted to capture a wedding, but there wasn’t a […]

  • Featured #10: Edwin Bouldin

    Featured #10: Edwin Bouldin

    I met Edwin recently on Facebook and we had a short chat. I asked him to send his story and pictures to me and it turned out to be quite an interesting story. Not something you’d read everyday. I also included some of his shots from his recent expo, which were shot on a 6×7 […]

  • Guest post: Paris through a Leica lens

    Guest post: Paris through a Leica lens

    A few weeks ago I received an interesting email from Ed and I decided to post it on my website. Enjoy! In 2009 I found myself on a chartered plane headed to Kuwait. I was on a one year tour as a U.S. Soldier in Iraq. The mission was to train and assist specific units […]

  • Q&A: focus shift with 50 cron

    Q&A: focus shift with 50 cron

    Last week I received this email: Hello Joeri, My name is R. and I’m a photographer in New Orleans, USA. I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to ask a question. Thank you for writing about the 50mm Summicron lens and posting great photos! I got one of these lenses V5 (the current one) and […]

  • Best of 2017 #10: John

    Best of 2017 #10: John

    ‘One of the very few ‘family portraits’, because I always stand behind the camera. About one hour before sunset my wife and children were playing in the backyard of the farm where we stayed overnight. I noticed the long shadows, then I positioned myself in front of the sun and made this picture.’ ‘I like […]

  • Featured #2: Vincent van Kleef and his Leica M9

    Featured #2: Vincent van Kleef and his Leica M9

    In this new series I’d like to give someone else the opportunity to talk about Leica photography. Interested? Send me an email. Today, my friend Vincent van Kleef. 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer)? ‘I’ve been into photography from my teens on. I am very visually orientated and love […]

  • First look: the TvO ventilated lens shade

    First look: the TvO ventilated lens shade

    I just received a ventilated lens shade for my Leica Summicron-M 35/2.0 ASPH (version V) from Thorsten von Overgaard. I think the Leica M9P in black is still the sexiest Leica ever made, but with this ventilated lens shade, it definitely looks even better. A more elaborate review will follow soon, but I just wanted […]

  • Why the Leica M9 has become a cult camera

    Why the Leica M9 has become a cult camera

    This morning I did a search for a used Leica M9 on the Dutch equivalent of Ebay. The result? Not a single camera. I found a few used batteries, a Thumbs-up and a camera case. That’s it. This is quite unusual for a digital camera, where depreciation is often faster than a new car… It […]

  • From Mora with love

    From Mora with love

    I’m working on an article for a dutch photography magazine. That means going through a big pile of images that I shot during our five months canoeing and hiking trip. Although this picture didn’t make it to the selection, I thought it’d be nice to share it with you. Leica M9 with Zeiss 35/2.8