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  • Best of 2017 #10: John

    Best of 2017 #10: John

    ‘One of the very few ‘family portraits’, because I always stand behind the camera. About one hour before sunset my wife and children were playing in the backyard of the farm where we stayed overnight. I noticed the long shadows, then I positioned myself in front of the sun and made this picture.’ ‘I like […]

  • Best of 2017 #9: Paul

    Best of 2017 #9: Paul

    Working hard to get the ‘exclusive’ picture. Paul, Copenhagen, Leica T, Vario-Elmar T 1:3.5-5.6 / 18-56 ASPH

  • Best of 2017 #8: Maarten

    Best of 2017 #8: Maarten

    Walking along the canals on a rainy day in Amsterdam, stumbling across a wooden plate camera in the window of trading in the past antique store. Asking the owner for a classical portrait session because he fits perfectly in his beautiful Lodewijk XV interior. Maarten, Leica M9 1000 iso, 125th, 2.0

  • Best of 2017 #7: John

    Best of 2017 #7: John

    ‘This picture was taken at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of NSW,Australia on 29th January -the last day of the school summer holidays.It was very hot and teenagers were leaping off the headland into the cool ocean. It was their last free day before they were back to school the next day. I was […]

  • Best of 2017 #6: Kristo

    Best of 2017 #6: Kristo

    ‘The photo is on Portra 160 with my Mamiya 6, while traveling California. I was at brunch at somebody’s house in Beverly Hills and while everyone else was chatting, I was exploring the morning light and the weird vibe of their tennis court.’ Kristo also included another picture. He says he is ‘notoriously bad at […]

  • Best of 2017 #2: Vincent

    Best of 2017 #2: Vincent

    I call my Leicas my soulmates and for a reason. They seem to transcend my inner feelings. This shot is a good example. I had to cope with some personal difficulties in 2017. As I was walking through Utrecht I noticed a pitch black bird sitting on top of a post. Silently, staring into the […]

  • Best of 2017 #1:Fin

    Best of 2017 #1:Fin

    The photo always brings a smile to my face. Happy kids, I couldn’t ask for more. Leica Q