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  • Featured #12: Jeff Ascough

    Featured #12: Jeff Ascough

    This featured article is special to me, because today we have Jeff Ascough from the UK. When I started in wedding photography, roughly twenty years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as documentary wedding photography, at least not here in The Netherlands. I knew how I wanted to capture a wedding, but there wasn’t a […]

  • Featured #8: Dirk Marwede

    Featured #8: Dirk Marwede

    Dirk visited The Netherlands some time ago for a workshop with me. We had a good time and I loved reviewing Dirks work. He’s a very talented photographer. I was surprised to see how many good shots he took in just one night. Enjoy! 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a […]

  • Update: the Lomo Minitar-1 32/2.8 on the Leica M6

    Update: the Lomo Minitar-1 32/2.8 on the Leica M6

    A few weeks ago I posted a review on the Lomo Minitar-1 32/2.8 lens. Though this lens is even smaller than a lens back-cover, it does suffer from a few drawbacks, cyan corners being one of them. Being a Lomo lens, I suspected this lens would deliver better quality on (less critical than digital) film. […]

  • Wednesday Wedding Pic: the first look

    Wednesday Wedding Pic: the first look

    Although I shoot digital almost exclusively these days, sometimes I’m asked to shoot on film. For me, the biggest difference is the planning I’ll have to think about. Which film do I load in which camera and when do I change film? Focussing and exposure are similar to my digital workflow, except the exposure should […]

  • Just mechanics

    Just mechanics

    While I was uploading another 25 Gigs of a long wedding, I was looking at my M6 and I was -again- surprised with the sheer beauty of the top plate design. It’s so simple, yet so attractive. I placed the M6 on my almost black chair, grabbed the 5D3 of my wife – I could […]