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  • Tuesday Travel: Jesus and the sun

    Tuesday Travel: Jesus and the sun

    Some time ago I was in Buenos Aires and one of the places you have to see is the Recoleta cemetery. It’s too bad that a lot of graves are falling apart, due to economical misery, but it’s till a marvelous place to visit. I noticed this statue of Jesus and it was like he […]

  • Tuesday Travel: Cry baby cry

    Tuesday Travel: Cry baby cry

    You know that Beatles song? It’s on the White Album. My favorite album, because it is so beautifully balanced. Anyway, that’s what I thought when I saw this picture again. Shot somewhere close to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Leica M9 with 35 Summicron (although the exif says something else…) You’ve got to love the rendering of […]

  • Testing new Billinghams

    Testing new Billinghams

    You can only tell how good a photo bag is after having used it for at least a few days. And with days I mean full days. Ten hours or more with lots of walking. Today, my wife used the F1.4 bag and since she carried only one camera and one lens, she stuffed the […]

  • More Billies!

    More Billies!

    Today I received three new Billingham bags for a review. The Dutch distributor Degreef&Partner liked my idea of reviewing the most popular Billingham bags so much, they decided to just send me a few. I’ll be busy in the few weeks. I already can tell you: that L2 is a pretty sweet bag. Very well […]

  • Beauty and the 0.95 beast

    Beauty and the 0.95 beast

    Yes, the Leica Noctilux 0.95 ASPH is a beast. And with the same price tag as a brand new small car, or a second hand nice car, it doesn’t come cheap. Yet I’m in the process of buying one, because I think it will work for my documentary wedding photography and my other photographic assignments. It […]

  • Just mechanics

    Just mechanics

    While I was uploading another 25 Gigs of a long wedding, I was looking at my M6 and I was -again- surprised with the sheer beauty of the top plate design. It’s so simple, yet so attractive. I placed the M6 on my almost black chair, grabbed the 5D3 of my wife – I could […]

  • The best camera…

    The best camera…

    Is the camera you carry around. That’s one of the reasons why I love rangefinder cameras. They’re tiny and light, compared to SLRs. And the lenses are even smaller and lighter. This combo: the M9-P with the CV 40/1.4 weighs 760 grams. With that you get a full frame camera with a fast and multifunctional […]

  • Six Reasons to buy a 21mm lens for your Leica M

    Six Reasons to buy a 21mm lens for your Leica M

    Last week, you could read my review of the Voigtländer color-skopar 21/4. I explained that I use this lens for group shots in tight spaces, when my 28mm is too long. However, there are more and better reasons to buy a 21mm for your rangefinder camera. During the time that I was a writer and […]

  • The Voigtländer 21/4 color skopar review

    The Voigtländer 21/4 color skopar review

    When I changed to my leica set, I wanted to use as little lenses as possible. I had gotten sick and tired of my DSLR kit and I would not make the same mistake of buying too many lenses for my M9 again. Also, I didn’t want any extreme lenses, on both the wide angle […]

  • What is in my wedding bag?

    What is in my wedding bag?

    Many people have asked me what I take in my wedding bag. Well, I have some variation in what I pack. For longer days, I pack some extra food and an extra shirt. For weddings in winter, I take more fast lenses. In general, this is what my bag looks like on a typical wedding […]