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  • What is in my wedding bag?

    What is in my wedding bag?

    Many people have asked me what I take in my wedding bag. Well, I have some variation in what I pack. For longer days, I pack some extra food and an extra shirt. For weddings in winter, I take more fast lenses. In general, this is what my bag looks like on a typical wedding […]

  • The Leica M240 finger loop

    The Leica M240 finger loop

    I wasn’t sure about the Leica M240 finger loop. To me, the handgrip doesn’t make the camera prettier or less obtrusive. Adding another ‘thing’ to the camera might seem not the smartest thing to do with an elegant camera like the Leica M240. But for me, the M is my workhorse. And if something adds […]

  • The decisive moment

    The decisive moment

    It has almost been written and used to death. The ‘decisive moment’ has been the topic of many, many articles on documentary photography. And not just documentary photography. Even studio photographers talk about the decisive moment these days. In a way, there can be a decisive moment during a studio session, but I think that’s […]

  • Handgrip for the Leica M240

    Handgrip for the Leica M240

    Because the multifunctional handgrip wasn’t available AND because there were some rumors about the MF Grip sucking out the battery life – because of the GPS -I opted for the much cheaper regular handgrip. I only wanted it for ergonomic reasons anyway. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can […]