The TvO lens shade review

Thorsten von Overgaard, famous for his very, very, very extensive camera and lens reviews, started making exclusive lens shades for Leica lenses some time ago. I asked him if he could send me a shade for my Leica Summicron 35 ASPH to give it a try. And he did. The shade comes in a neat […]

The Leica M240 finger loop

I wasn’t sure about the Leica M240 finger loop. To me, the handgrip doesn’t make the camera prettier or less obtrusive. Adding another ‘thing’ to the camera might seem not the smartest thing to do with an elegant camera like the Leica M240. But for me, the M is my workhorse. And if something adds […]

The Thumbie for the M240

I’m a big fan of the various thumbs-up thumb rests. I’ve been using these things on my M9 and M9-P for a couple of years now and they truly add stability and ergonomics to these cameras. Being a documentary wedding shooter, I sometimes have to use very slow shutter speeds. With the M9, shooting on […]