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  • Leica Workshop with Cameratools in Apeldoorn

    Leica Workshop with Cameratools in Apeldoorn

    Update 27-10: I just heard there are a few places available. Be quick if you want to be in. For my dutch friends: there’s another Leica Experience Workshop in The Netherlands. This time with CameraTools in Apeldoorn. Although you have to pay a (very) small admission fee, you’ll get a free (and good) lunch, an […]

  • Three days Leica workshop with Asim

    Three days Leica workshop with Asim

    Last week I had Asim over from the USA. He got curious about the Leica system when his brother lend him his M and 35 plus 50mm lenses. He flew to Amsterdam to get the basics of both photography and specifically the Leica system. After a week he flew home, with a brand new M10. […]

  • One shot with the Leica Noctilux-M 75/1.25

    One shot with the Leica Noctilux-M 75/1.25

    Isn’t she gorgeous? I’m afraid I’ve just created an ‘alternative fact’, because this shot wasn’t taken with the new Nocti 75. No, I took it with an ordinary Nocti 50/0.95. Very bourgois indeed. Want to know which camera? Hmm, well, allright: the first version of the Leica T. Very, very unpractical in a setting like […]

  • Leica Workshop on a stormy day

    Leica Workshop on a stormy day

    It’s always good to be out on a workshop, even when it’s stormy. Today I had a great Leica workshop with a talented student from Amsterdam. We practiced focusing techniques, reviewed work from the last years and spent some time on exposure. This picture almost looks like a scene from Star Wars. With the Noctilux, […]

  • Lovely Leica workshop @ Transcontinenta

    Lovely Leica workshop @ Transcontinenta

    This week is the last Leica workshop in a series of four workshops. In case you still have time for friday 22nd this week, you can still sign up. A few weeks ago Leica Netherland organised the first workshop and we all had a great time. Some people used the opportunity to try the Leica […]

  • Wednesday workshop: 21mm portrait

    Wednesday workshop: 21mm portrait

    I usually ask my workshop participants to bring their entire kit of cameras and lenses. Not to lug them around all day, but to point out some interesting features of the gear they have. A few weeks ago, one of my clients had a new Leica 21 Summilux and he told me he didn’t know […]

  • Tuesday Travel: Umbrellas in a boat

    Tuesday Travel: Umbrellas in a boat

    It was a strange day. They say in Patagonia there can be four seasons in one day. Well, in Gent, Belgium, that seemed to be the case as well. As we took shelter for the rain, I suddenly saw this boat full of umbrellas going down the canal. And when I walked towards it, the […]

  • Leica Workshop and the quest for a camera

    Leica Workshop and the quest for a camera

    I’m not sure if I have to be proud of it, but so far most of my workshop clients that didn’t have an M when attending my workshop, bought one shortly after the workshop. I guess I infected my clients with a virus that will make their lives considerably more expensive. Luckily, buying a digital […]

  • Zoom in, zoom out

    Zoom in, zoom out

    When I found our neighborhood in foggy circumstances this morning, I thought;”Which lens to take today?” While we, proud rangefinder shooters tend to laugh at zoom lenses – yes, we do – I thought it might be nice to take my 35-70 out for a spin. And so I did. A Leica R35-70/3.5 will set […]

  • Let the sun shine

    Let the sun shine

    As long as summer is far, far away… Leica M9 with 28 Elmarit Want to know more about how to use your rangefinder camera on your travels? Check out my Leica workshops or read my ebook.