Last week I had Asim over from the USA. He got curious about the Leica system when his brother lend him his M and 35 plus 50mm lenses. He flew to Amsterdam to get the basics of both photography and specifically the Leica system. After a week he flew home, with a brand new M10.

This is what Asim had to say about the workshop:

‘I attended a one on one workshop with Joeri to learn photography in general and how to use a Leica rangefinder camera in particular. The experience was a memorable one. Not only, I ended up learning best practices on how to use a Leica but also got a good overview of the entire field of photography.’

‘We scheduled our workshop with time in between for me to practice on my own. That worked out for me as I was able to practice what Joeri was sharing with me, on my own and be able to get him to critique my work at the next meeting. I felt that this kind of immediate feedback helped me to grasp the concepts much more easily and gave me confidence as well. As part of the workshop, Joeri took me to the local Leica store where I was able to try different cameras and lenses that helped me to select a camera at the end of the workshop.’

‘Joeri has a very personable style of teaching. For me, the best part of the program was our long chats during meals and while we were walking together to look for places to photograph around the city. His passion for photography is infectious, and I left his workshop with a much better understanding of my hobby and of working with Leica. You are welcome to reach out to me at if you would like to know more about my learning experiences with Joeri. If you are thinking of attending a workshop on photography, I will highly recommend that you consider Joeri as I know that you will not be disappointed.’

Here are a few pics that Asim shot during the workshop:

L1004055 L1004070 L1004072