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  • Tuesday travel: summer is coming

    Tuesday travel: summer is coming

    Last week I was in Berlin and luckily I had some time to enjoy the good weather. Along the river Spreh there are some very good places to relax and drink a beer. Some people bring their own beer (which is allowed in public) and in general, everybody is very relaxed. I didn’t see anyone […]

  • Leica Noctilux on first wedding of the year

    Leica Noctilux on first wedding of the year

    The season has started early. Usually I shoot my fist wedding in April, or the last days of March. This time it was early February. After having spent enough time with my Noctilux in the streets, it’s time to take it out to the wedding field. Without looking at the lens specs in Lightroom, my […]

  • Zoom in, zoom out

    Zoom in, zoom out

    When I found our neighborhood in foggy circumstances this morning, I thought;”Which lens to take today?” While we, proud rangefinder shooters tend to laugh at zoom lenses – yes, we do – I thought it might be nice to take my 35-70 out for a spin. And so I did. A Leica R35-70/3.5 will set […]